Intergenerational classes

When we play together everybody wins!

Perhaps you've already seen the special bond that can exist between the youngest and oldest members of your family. Or perhaps the elders in your family are far away, and you wish your child could have this magic experience.

Our intergenerational classes give you and your child a chance to play, learn and share a musical bond with senior members of our community. In these wonderful classes, our circle of babies, toddlers and preschoolers is joined by an additional circle of "grand-friends," for fun that spans generations. You'll sing, play, and explore instruments with your child, while sharing the special joy that comes when elders and children play together.


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  • This is a mixed-age class for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (ages 0-5), along with their adult caregivers.
  • Classes meet once a week for a 10-week session. Each class is 45 minutes
  • Family materials (recordings, downloads, and song/activity books) are included in tuition
  • This class uses the same song collections, and similar activities as our regular mixed-age classes. The only difference is that selected seniors will join our circle to add to our fun. While we expect your child might enjoy interacting with our senior friends, there's never an obligation. 


FAQ's about this class:

Do I still get to play with my child in this class, or is the experience limited to children and elders?
Yes, you get to play! Just as in our regular Music Together classes, your child benefits most from sharing music fun with you or with your child's regular caregiver. The seniors in our circle will add to your fun together, not replace it.

How many children can join this class?
Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 12 enrolled children. Infant siblings can join along with an enrolled child for no additional fee.

How many seniors can join this class?
Expect 6-12 elders joining the circle. Just as we create a community with the same children in our circle from week to week, we'll also expect the same consistent community among our senior friends. This will give your child a chance to create a special bond with friends both old and young every week.


My child's own grandparents would like to visit or regularly attend this class. Can they join too?
Yes, absolutely! Your child's grandparents are always welcome to attend, either as regular caregivers or as visitors to our circle. 

What does a class look like?
This class will look like a regular mixed-age Music Together class, with the addition of senior friends around or among our circle. (See more description here.) As in our other classes, we'll enjoy a mix of quiet focused activities, instrument play and exploration, singing, dancing, and movement fun. Siblings can play together in this mixed-age environment. Your child may sit, stand, jump, wiggle, watch, or wander around the space. We know that for young children most learning happens under the surface – which means that your child may be deeply absorbing the activities while appearing to be completely distracted!

Because we'll see the same senior friends from week to week, your child will have a chance to get to know these special elders.  And they will have a chance to see your child in a way you may not be able to – often sharing some astute observations from their vantage point of experience.

After class you and your child might enjoy some time to chat with senior residents. Or you may be ready to move on to other activities in your day. Either way, expect to build sweet memories from this special time together.