Policies and essential information


ATTENTION: These policies are in effect for families in the Holiday Mini and Winter 2021 semesters and reflect our compliance with health experts’ guidance to prevent the spread of Covid-19. All in-person classes during the Mini will be held outdoors whenever possible, with a Rainy Day/Below Freezing option inside in our exclusive classroom at Westport/Goose Creek. We are dedicated to doing all we can to keep you and your children safe and happy while making music with us.


How to contact us

Katie O'Dea, Director and registered teacher
Send Katie an email

Jean Walker, Administrator and registered teacher 
Send Jean an email 


Welcome to Heartland Music Together! Click the links below to go to particular sections or scroll down to read our policies in full. We recommend that you read the entire document. Please feel free to call or email at any time if you have questions.


Who to contact about:          

  • Questions about schedules for classes, see this page and/or contact Jean or Katie.
  • Questions or comments about class dynamics or about what we’re doing in class: Contact Katie.
  • Questions about Best Practices and health concerns during live classes, see this section and/or contact Katie.
  • Details about barter or scholarship options, contact Jean. Barter is available to those families who want to post about our program on social media for reduced tuition.
  • Registration and/or payment questions: Contact Jean.
  • Requests to move to a different class: We’re sorry but this won’t be possible after classes begin to keep the class groups homogeneous while Covid is still with us.
  • Questions about schedules or particular dates: Ask Jean or Katie.

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Your preparations before coming to class

What to bring: Can't wait to see you and your child! When we are outdoors for your in-person class, please bring a blanket or mat to sit on. This will mark your family's boundaries for social distancing.


Temperatures will be taken before each class; if you or your child(ren) have a temperature of 100.4 or more, you won’t be able to attend. If you’ve been exposed to Covid-19 within the 2 weeks prior to your class, health officials recommend you self-quarantine for 10 days and then resume normal activity if you feel well. We encourage you to take advantage of the Music Together® Online makeup option for the two classes you’ll need to miss following your exposure.


Masks: When indoors, adults must wear masks or shields; no mask requirement for children under 5. The CDC does not recommend masks for those under 2 y/o. We will have additional paper masks if you forget yours. When we are in the "red zone" due to Covid-19, we recommend masks outdoors as well. 


Water and food:  Please bring your own water bottle, as the drinking fountains won’t be available. No food (with the exception of baby bottles for infants) indoors in the classrooms. Pls use the restroom before you leave home, as we aren’t responsible for the building’s disinfectant practices. Restrooms will of course be available if you do need them.


Schedule to avoid crowds: We ask that you arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before your class, and leave immediately afterward. This will allow us to do cleaning and disinfecting that is needed on frequently touched surfaces.  If you have questions for your teacher, we will provide a safe way for you to get those questions answered and/or issues addressed.

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Health & Wellness in class: Best Practices

Social distancing in class will be achieved with the use of sit spots and/or your personal blanket. No props or instruments will be shared; each child will have an individual box of props for use in class. These will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the next use. No movements/dances during class will violate the social distancing principle.

When indoors, windows will be open whenever possible for better air circulation; the room will have an air purifier and heater. In cases of bad/cold weather during the Holiday Mini, classes will move to our Music Together Online format. Winter 2021 will be held as Music Together Online only.

We will provide hand sanitizer and tissues.

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Class schedules, sizes and locations

Schedules and locations this semester have been determined by our host locations’ opening policies during the Covid-19 outbreak; we're hoping that, when Covid-19 becomes less of a factor, that our other locations will open so we can add classes there once again. Class size for in-person classes will be limited to a maximum of 8 children; size minimum is 6 children. Sorry, but non-registered siblings will not be allowed in class during Covid. As is our normal policy, classes that produce less than 6 registered children will not run; every effort will be made to move those affected families to their 2nd choice before the semester begins; class changes will not be possible after the first day of class. Families can also elect to move to a Music Together Online class if their first and/or 2nd choices are not available.

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Make-ups and missed classes

No makeups or demos will be available in live classes. If you need to miss a class for any reason, you can sign up for a makeup in any Music Together Online class or access the pre-recorded session with your teacher. You will receive instructions on how to do that that when you enroll.

In the event of inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, public health concerns, etc) causing class cancellation, we will make every effort to offer a make-up class, but will not refund for class closures that are mandatory or beyond our control.

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School intermittent closings

Should JCPS choose to do intermittent closings during the school year due to pandemic concerns, we will take that into consideration, but follow our own policies and health expert counsel. If you decide to keep your children home while our in-person classes are still open, please sign up for makeup classes at any of our Music Together Online classes. If there is a major outbreak in the community requiring a shutdown, we will offer a prorated credit minus the cost of your semester materials.

We will follow JCPS in terms of weather closings. If JCPS cancels classes for the day due to bad weather, we'll cancel for live morning classes also, and notify for evening classes by 1pm. When JCPS calls for a Delayed Schedule, we'll notify of decision on morning classes by 8 a.m., and decide the afternoon and evening classes by 1pm. If you're in a class on a day that JCPS has called for a Delayed Schedule, and don't receive an email or text from us, that means the class is running as usual. We'll post that on our website and Facebook page. For Saturday classes, we'll let you know by 8 a.m. if we're cancelling.

In the event of inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, public health concerns, etc) causing class cancellation, we will make every effort to offer a make-up class, but will not refund for class closures that are mandatory or beyond our control. 

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Weather closings for Outdoor Classes

In cases of bad/cold weather during the Holiday Mini, classes will move to our Music Together Online format. We'll advise you by text/email early that morning. 


Holidays and public school breaks

If our semester runs through a national holiday or public school break, we typically have classes as usual; check the Latest News section on our website for that information when the holiday approaches. In the past, we have welcomed older siblings in class who are out of school during a holiday week, but we are unable to permit guests during the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding that this decision has been made to keep families safe and classes composed of the same group of people throughout the semester.

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Unless you make an arrangement with us in advance, payment in full is required prior to the start of classes. We can't guarantee your place in class or your access to Music Together Online classes unless we have a payment or a payment arrangement.

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Withdrawals and refunds: Cancellation policy

We make schedule and financial decisions based on the information we have at the start of classes, and when people withdraw after the start of classes, this can cause us some financial consequences as well as scheduling problems. Our withdrawal policy is liberal, but does reflect this reality.

Withdrawals prior to the start of class: You will receive a full credit or refund, provided you haven't received your family materials in advance or you return them in new, unopened condition. If you have your materials and have opened them, we’ll need to deduct $50 from your refund or credit (if you choose that option) for those materials.

Withdrawals after classes begin: In the 10-week semester, if you withdraw in the first 3 weeks of class, you'll receive a refund or credit equal to half your tuition fee.

No refunds are given in these circumstances: In the 10-week session, no refunds after the third week of class. However, if you have special circumstances, please let us know right away. No refunds in the 3-week session after classes begin.

In the event of inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances (natural disasters, public health concerns, etc) causing class cancellation, we will make every effort to offer a make-up class, but will not refund for class closures that are mandatory or beyond our control.


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Visitors in class
Due to Covid-19 concerns, we must ask you to help us keep the classes safe by not inviting any visitors or non-registered siblings to your live class. Moms and/or Dads or caregivers/nannys are always welcome with your child(ren).

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We respect your right to own and carry weapons, but we request that you do not bring firearms into our classroom space. Our request that you leave your firearms at home is echoed by many of our host locations, which have no-gun policies for their church or business space. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Heartland Music Together respects your privacy and will never share, sell, or rent your personal information with third parties for their promotional use. Your email and mailing addresses will be shared only with our licensor Music Together LLC for educational and quality assurance purposes. We do not save credit card information or your password.

Music Together LLC sends enrolled families an e-newsletter four times per year. If you prefer not to receive these emails, you may unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of each newsletter. 

From time to time photos or videos may be taken during class and used only for the purposes of promoting our classes on our website, fliers and/or Facebook page (without names). When you enroll for a semester, you can indicate whether you give your permission to be in these photos or not. In addition, you're welcome to take photos of your child in class (though we prefer that you spend class time engaging with your child!). Please respect the privacy of others in the class. If you plan to take photos that include the group, please check in advance to make sure people are comfortable having themselves or their children photographed. This is especially important if you plan to post these images using social media.

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Thank you!

Thank you for choosing Heartland Music Together as your child’s music program, and for your patience and loyalty during this extraordinary time. We strive to create the best experience that we can, one which enriches the lives of children and adults. Your choice to join us in class is what makes our Heartland Music Together community possible. Please let me know any way we can improve this program to serve you best. So, happy music-making – we’re looking forward to seeing you in class!

Katie O'Dea, Director
Jean Walker, Administrator
Updated 12/6/20