About Heartland Music Together

Our mission

We believe every child can sing when given nurturing musical support from an early age. We are dedicated to helping children (and their grownups!) develop their musical abilities while sharing the joy of music making together. We share a passion for bringing music to our community in a way that's joyful and empowering for everybody. Our vision: a world where everyone can sing - and every voice is valued!

We carry this vision into every step of our planning and execution of each semester. As we do our part to contain the spread of covid-19, we continue to be dedicated to bringing families closer together through music. For information about our classes during this time, please see this FAQ.


Heartland Music Together started in Louisville in 2004, with just six families in our first class. These families told their friends, and we started to grow. We are very proud that half of our families still come to us because of a friend’s recommendation!

Today we are a staff of multiple teachers leading classes all over the Louisville KY metro area. Thousands of families have joined us since we started, and many families return for years with their second and third children. In 2019, we celebrated 15 years of sharing music with our community. What fun!

... And results

We hear from our alumni families all the time. Parents tell us their children are now in school or church choirs, and even music theater. Many of our graduates are now happily playing instruments, and amazing their teachers with their musical skills. We hear how children sing all the time at home, using Music Together® songs to express their feelings and thoughts—and even more wonderfully, they’re comfortable making up their own songs. They’ve learned at a deep level how to use the language of music to express themselves.

Parents also tell us their children's class experience helped them become comfortable in group settings with children and adults of all ages, revel in their creativity, and discover new ideas to share and appreciate. This is an excellent preparation for formal education—and, indeed, all of life!

Not just for children

Over the years, parents and caregivers have told us how our classes have helped them reclaim their own singing voices, and reconnect with their children in new ways. We’ve seen a number of friendships blossom, kindled by this wonderful shared experience.

"We have had such a WONDERFUL time this semester, and are really looking forward to the winter session. I love being able to share these experiences with my kiddos, and find it really therapeutic myself.  It can change my whole mood and outlook on the day. Thanks for the wonderful work you do!"  - Caleb and Emily's mom