FAQ: Our Plan for Online Music-Making with You!


1. What length will the online videos be? 45 minutes like our live classes?

No; we know your little ones won't likely be engaged for that extended period. So our Heartland teachers will tape each of their weekly lessons as a 15-minute segment, so you and your child can stay connected for each. You can access each week as often as you like - on demand. Videos by your teacher and all the others. 


2. When will we be able to see some sample demos of this new program?

Two sample classes are up now for you to see; here's one demo link; here's another! There's also a message from our Director with a few songs here. Let us know what you think!


3. Will I get a full semester’s worth of class on video?

Yes. In fact, enrolled families will have access to all our participating teachers’ weekly videos, 10 weeks worth - that's 80 videos! We plan for all 8 teachers to tape videos, and we'll post each week of the 10-week period. On Week 2, both Wk 1 and 2 will be accessible and so on. A great way to check out our talented group!


4. Will each teacher record the same video and music each week?
No. Each teacher will use her own lesson plan for the video. While all the videos will draw from the 33 songs in the spring collection, Maracas, each weekly video will be unique to that teacher – just as in a live class.


5. Will all the videos be accessible throughout the 10 weeks?

Yes, and cumulative as the semester progresses (#3 above). Should we be able to go back to in-person classes before then, you will get the videos and in-person both for the remainder of the semester. 


6. Where will the videos be posted after the spring semester begins online 4/6/20?

Each teacher will have her own page on our site, where enrolled families will go to link to the videos anytime (after 4/6). This method will also avoid the problems many have experienced with other video sites, like unreliable syncing, stuttering and static. We're testing everything first, and will send out email/texts to give you the information you need to get started. The plan is for this to be as simple as watching a video on YouTube. Only enrolled families will have access.


7. What is the tuition to enroll in Music Together® Online for the spring session? 

It's the same: $168. Except, with this new program, you can participate in music with your favorite teacher every day of the week if you like! Enrolled (and paid) families receive:

  • Access to all the teachers' taped lessons (80) covering 10 weeks; and
  • The download code for the semester's Maracas collection; and
  • Downloads for more activities and coloring pages; and
  • Parent Education moments to help you build your child's brain with music and incorporate music into family play; and
  • Access to the Family Music Zone for more downloads and useful information; and
  • Our online videos on how to make your own DIY instruments; and
  • You can also arrange with us to pick up your printed materials including the Maracas Songbook and CD if you'd like to have them in addition to the digital materials.

See more details on this page.

8. What if I'm not sure I want to be part of the online program?

Visit the demos to see what the experience will be like; two sample classes are up now for you to see. Here's one demo link; here's another! There's also a message from our Director with a few songs here. Let us know what you think! Once you enroll, you'll have access to all teacher videos and downloads when the semester begins. Registration will be open for the online program throughout the spring semester, and you'll have access to all 10 weeks of videos regardless of when you enroll. 


9. What if I decide I don't want to be part of the online program after I've already enrolled?

After the program has been running for Week 1, you will need to advise us by the end of that first week (4/11/20) if you would like to withdraw and receive a refund (minus the $50 fee we pay to parent Music Together for the music collection each semester). Or you can opt to receive a credit that will automatically apply the next time you register for class (also minus the $50 fee). Credits will never expire. No refunds or credits will be available after 4/11/20.


10. What about all the fun instruments we use in live class?

We’re also going to post videos about how to make your own instruments at home. Each weekly video will include a title that tells you what kind of instrument you need for that particular video.


11. When will I get the music for Maracas?

We will get the download codes for enrolled families any day now, and are working out how to best securely distribute them. You will definitely be able to begin enjoying the music before the online videos begin on April 6.


12. What happens if we can get back into the live classroom before the 10-week semester is up?

If you enrolled with us before we were forced to cancel in-person class, your 1st choice has already been recorded, and your seat reserved. If you enroll in the online program, you'll be able to join any live class that's available once we're back to in-person classes. In either case, you'll still have access to the taped videos. If you've been enrolled in the online program, when we get back into the live classroom, we’ll already have the music in us! And be so happy to see you!


We love you, miss you, and thank you for your continued support of this and our Heartland family! This new way of music-making together will not only keep you and your family energized with musical activity, within the happy familiarity of our musical community, but will also keep your teachers and Heartland afloat during this time that is challenging for all of us. As always, your comments and questions are welcome. Just email us.

UPDATED 3/31/20