FAQ: Music-Making Holiday Mini 2020/Winter 2021

Families can sign up for live, in-person classes (maximum 8 children) or choose to participate only via Zoom (maximum 20). For a detailed look at our Covid-19 protocols, pls see our Policies page and Family Covid Liability Waiver


1. What is the tuition, and what does it include?

A standard 10 week session's tuition for in-person class is $168 (2nd child, $112); for Zoom only, $125. Please see this page for the additional fun that comes with your Zoom registration. Both include:

  • As always, professionally recorded music for this semester.
  • Your teacher’s unique lesson plan for each week, featuring the combination of singing, movement, and instrument play that has made Music Together® so successful worldwide.
  • Parent Education Moments to help you build your child's brain with music and incorporate music into family play outside of class
  • Great teachers who love music and love helping children learn to love it! Read about them here.
  • CD and hard copy of the current collection's songbook (Winter 2021)
  • Access to the Family Music Zone for more downloads and useful information

The Holiday Mini 3 week session's tuition is $50 for the first child, $20 for the 2nd child in live classes. Zoom tuition is $50 for the family household. Drop ins are $20 per household, Zoom only. No songbooks or CD's provided for the Mini.


2. What are some of your Covid-19 protocols?

Please read the full text in Policies. We are in compliance with health experts’ recommendations and government requirements. 

  • Holiday Mini: Live class meets for 45 minutes each week, outdoors whenever possible or on Zoom during Mini in case of bad weather or when the temperature is below 32 degrees.
  • Winter 2021: In bad or cold weather, we'll meet in our exclusive classroom at our Westport location (unless the indoor regulations are still in force)  - no one uses that room but us. We will maintain social distancing inside and our other Covid protocols. If you're in a live class, be sure to bring a blanket or yoga pad to sit on outdoors, and dress appropriately! 
  • In both semesters, if weather makes the outdoor class unfeasible, we'll notify you by text/email early that morning.
  • When our area is in the "red zone" due to Covid-19, we recommend masks outdoors and inside. This is not required for outdoor class, but please use discretion. 
  • Temperature checks before entering class
  • Smaller classes than in "normal" times. 
  • No class changes after the semester starts. Keeping the same families in class throughout the semester is an important safety consideration.
  • Masks required for all adults and/or children over 5
  • Social distancing achieved by sit spots
  • Individually contained set of instruments and props for each family, different for each class
  • Different arrival and departure times to avoid congregating in halls
  • Staggering class times to allow for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Class size will be limited to 8 children; the minimum to run is 6. No non-registered siblings or visitors allowed.
  • Family Covid Liability Waiver

And many more safety precautions; please read the full text in Policies. We are in compliance with health experts’ recommendations.


3. What length are the classes? 

The in-person classes are 45 minutes as usual. Zoom classes are 30 minutes, supplemented with a 15-minute pre-recorded session by your teacher each week. All families registered for the semester will have access to these pre-recorded sessions, and makeups can be scheduled at any Zoom class. 


4. What is the policy on withdrawing and refunds or credits?

Holiday Mini: If you withdraw prior to the start of classes, you’ll receive a full refund or credit. No refunds after the 3-week session begins.

Winter 2021: If you withdraw prior to the start of classes, you’ll receive a full refund or credit, provided you haven’t received and opened your semester materials. If you have opened them, we’ll need to deduct $50 from your refund or credit if you choose that option. Withdrawals during the first 3 weeks of a 10-week semester will result in a refund or credit equal to half your tuition; no refunds after Week 3. 


5. How will I know if I get my first choice?

As is our normal policy, classes that produce less than 6 enrolled families will not run; every effort will be made to move those affected families to their 2nd choice before the semester begins. Changes to a different class will not be possible after the first day due to Covid policies. Families can elect to move to a Zoom class if their first and/or 2nd choices are not available. We will contact you individually if your 1st choice does not fill. If none of the 3 options work for your family, we will issue a credit or refund based on our Withdrawal and Refunds Policy. Credits will never expire. 


6. Will you cancel classes if JCPS closes intermittently?

Should the public schools choose to do intermittent closings during the school year due to pandemic concerns, we will take that into consideration, but follow our own policies and health experts counsel. If you decide to keep your children home while our in-person classes are still open, please sign up for makeup classes at any of our Zooms. If there is a major outbrfeak in the community requiring a shutdown, we will offer a prorated credit minus the cost of your materials.

We will follow JCPS in terms of weather closings. For specifics, please see Policies.


7. Will I be able to bring guests to class or invite a friend to schedule a demo?

Due to Covid-19 concerns, we’re not permitting any guests in live, in-person classes (Moms and/or Dads or nannies are always welcome with the enrolled child). Sorry, but we can't admit non-registered siblings to class as visitors unless they're registered and part of the 8 children permitted. Demos after classes begin will be available only in the Zoom classes.


Thank you!

We love you, miss you, and thank you for your continued support of this and our Heartland family! We’re so excited about seeing you either in live, in-person class or in a  Zoom – so good to be making music Together again! As always, your comments and questions are welcome. Just email us.

UPDATED 11/29/2020