FAQ: Online Music-Making with You!


What's new since the spring session:

  • Familiar music including "I Had A Little Frog" and "See the Pony Galloping". From Summer Songs 3, now named Kazoo.
  • Tuition is $79 per family
  • The music CD and hard-copy songbook are included in your tuition

1. What length are the online classes? 

Our Heartland teachers will tape each of their weekly classes as a 15-minute segment so you and your young child can stay attentive for each. Remember, these classes are not intended as passive experiences! Your child’s involvement is dependent on yours, just as it would be in a live class. Participate in the video classes with them! You’ll have access to ALL the teachers’ videos all semester.


2. What is the tuition, and what does it include?

Summer tuition is $79 per family; classes begin 6/29.

  • Access to all the participating teachers' unique taped lessons covering 5 weeks
  • CD and hard copy of the Kazoo Collection songbook
  • Downloads for more offline activities and coloring pages
  • Parent Education moments to help you build your child's brain with music and incorporate music into family play
  • Access to the Family Music Zone for more downloads and useful information
  • Our online videos on how to make your own DIY instruments; and more.

You can watch all the teachers’ videos, not just the one you sign up for. For a complete list of what’s included, pls see this page. 


3. What if I decide I don’t want to participate after I’ve already paid?

If you let us know by July 4 (the end of Week 1) that you want to cancel, we’ll give you a refund or credit for next time – we will need to reduce that by $20 to cover the cost of summer materials unless you haven’t received them, or return them in unopened condition. No refunds or credits after July 4.


4. Will I get a full semester’s worth of class?

Yes! Enrolled families will have access to all our participating teachers’ weekly videos. We’ll post each week of the semester on Sunday evening. On Week 2, both Wks 1 and 2 will be accessible and so on. A great way to get a lot of variety for one tuition, and to check out our talented group of teachers!


5. Are any sample classes posted as free demos?

Yes – and please do take a look at them. They’re from our Spring semester, but will give you a solid idea of what our online classes are like. What you can’t see there is the excitement your children will feel when you participate in class with them! That’s what makes online music-making work.


6. How will I get the music?

Families around the world, as well as here in Greater Louisville, said in surveys they really missed the hard copy songbook and CD. So they’re back! We’ll arrange to mail them to you when you register and/or arrange for a convenient pick-up site. Another benefit this summer is that the music is probably already familiar to your child - a collection of favorites from all our semesters.


7. Will each teacher record different songs and movements each week?

All the music will be from the Kazoo (formerly named Summer Songs 3) Collection for summer, but each teacher uses her own lesson plan each week – just as in a live, in-person class. You’ll be able to see Mixed-Age classes, Babies-only, and Rhythm Kids. This page describes each class type. 


8.  Where are the videos posted?

Each teacher has her own page on our site, where enrolled families will link to the videos anytime they like. Accessing and participating with the videos is a simple as watching YouTube. This page will be available to you after you enroll; just log in.


9. When will you get back to live, in-person classes?

"Fall Semester" is the answer we're all hoping for. As soon as we know, you'll know! We want all our families, and teachers, to be safe. We'll abide by the regulations that are in force at that time.


We love you, miss you, and thank you for your continued support of this and our Heartland family! This new way of music-making together will not only keep you and your family energized with musical activity, within the happy familiarity of our musical community, but will also keep your teachers and Heartland afloat during this time that is challenging for all of us. As always, your comments and questions are welcome. Just email us.

UPDATED 6/26/20