Share the fun! Save some money!

Refer a friend who enrolls with Music Together® for the first time, and you each get $15 off your tuition for any 10-week semester. You don’t have to join the same class, though that would add to the fun! For the credit, ask them to put the code "welcome friends" in the coupon box when prompted during their registration. Then to put your name in the Comments section so you get your credit as well.


Please read the fine print: 

This discount is designed to help introduce NEW FAMILIES to the Music Together traditional program, and to reward our enthusiastic families who help us grow. If you refer a friend or a friend refers you, one of you must be a newly enrolling family. If you bring in 10 NEW families, you get a $15 discount for each of these families, for a total discount of $150. The new families you refer receive the discount only for their first registration. 


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