Informal fun - for babies through preschool

Our mixed-age classes create a family feel, and give children a chance to learn from – and teach – each other. Mixed-Age classes give every child a chance to participate at exactly the level that’s comfortable for them. And families love our mixed-age classes because siblings can play together in the same class. The Music Together® curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of ages and abilities.


Class description

Six to twelve children, their parents or caregivers, and class teacher gather in an informal circle to sing, play, enjoy movement games, and explore instruments together. The relaxed atmosphere helps everyone learn - children learn basic music skills, and grownups learn ways to share music fun with their children at home as well as in class. 

Children are free to participate, watch, or leave the circle and move around the room. We know that children who appear not to be paying attention are really learning in their own way, and will often repeat class activities perfectly once they're at home.

“I’m so glad you reiterate that it’s normal for children to quietly observe in class, then go home and sing and dance like crazy! If you didn’t tell us that, I’d have been thinking something was “wrong” with my child. Instead, I’m able to rejoice when I hear and see her “performing” new songs from class at home all the time.” - parent

Every class features a mix of songs, chants, rhythm and tonal play, movement games, and music exploration with simple musical instruments. Some activities are guided, and some feature free improvisation and exploration. Classes flow from quiet activities to all-out “shake-your-body” fun, and always end with a quiet lullaby and ritual goodbye song. Click to listen to some Music Together songs.

“I like how a lot of the class music is made by the adults, children and instruments and not having every song played on a CD player.” - parent 

"I am always doing what I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” - Pablo Picasso

Mixed-Age Class Schedule

Class Schedule Start Date Teacher Register

St. Andrews Episcopal Church
2233 Woodbourne Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
map and directions
Monday 9:30 AM 03/25/19 Karen Ephyria
Monday 10:30 AM 03/25/19 Karen Ephyria
Wednesday 9:30 AM 03/27/19 Karen Ephyria
Wednesday 10:30 AM 03/27/19 Karen Ephyria
Friday 9:30 AM 03/29/19 Karen Ephyria
Friday 10:30 AM 03/29/19 Karen Ephyria
Saturday 9:30 AM 03/30/19 Lorna Dries
Saturday 10:30 AM 03/30/19 Lorna Dries

Ascension Lutheran Church
13725 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville, KY 40245
Wednesday 10:30 AM 03/27/19 Shelah Woodruff
Thursday 9:30 AM 03/28/19 Stephanie Sullivan-Whitten
Thursday 10:30 AM 03/28/19 Stephanie Sullivan-Whitten

Prospect/Goshen - NEW Spring 2019
St. John United Methodist Church
12700 West Highway 42
Prospect, KY 40059
map and directions
Monday 6:00 PM 03/25/19 Rachel Haboubi
Thursday 9:30 AM 03/28/19 Brooke Asher
Saturday 10:30 AM 03/30/19 Brooke Asher

St. Matthews
Beargrass Christian Church
4100 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40207
map and directions
Tuesday 9:30 AM 03/26/19 Alisa Bush
Tuesday 10:30 AM 03/26/19 Alisa Bush
Tuesday 5:30 PM 03/26/19 Alisa Bush
Tuesday 6:30 PM 03/26/19 Alisa Bush
Thursday 9:30 AM 03/28/19 Alisa Bush

Southern Indiana- NEW Spring 2019
Sellersburg United Methodist Church
226 N New Albany St
Sellersburg, Indiana 47172
map and directions
Saturday 10:30 AM 03/30/19 Katie O'Dea

Westport Rd/ Goose Creek
John Knox Presbyterian Church
9104 Westport Rd
Louisville, KY 40242
map and directions
Monday 10:30 AM 03/25/19 Katie Duvall
Tuesday 10:30 AM 03/26/19 Stephanie Sullivan-Whitten
Wednesday 10:30 AM 03/27/19 Alisa Bush
Friday 9:30 AM 03/29/19 Katie O'Dea
Friday 10:30 AM 03/29/19 Katie O'Dea
Saturday 9:30 AM 03/30/19 Alisa Bush
Saturday 10:30 AM 03/30/19 Alisa Bush