Music fun for you and your baby!

Back by popular demand!

Starting with our winter semester (early January), you can spend intimate, fun-filled time with your little one and meet other new parents in a Babies-only Music Together® class. You'll learn many musical ways to interact and connect with your infant (0 to 8 months), all while supporting their music and overall development. Open the door to a new world of possibility for them and for you! 

But you don't have to wait that long! We've scheduled two baby demos in the next several weeks: Thursday Oct 25, 12 - 1:15 pm at Thrive Parent & Teacher Consultants (7508 New Lagrange Rd, #9). Or the second one on Thursday Nov 1, same place same time. Here's the link to our Facebook page for the details. All we ask is that you sign up for the free class that fits your schedule best - space is limited. 



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You don't have to be a music expert to share music fun with your baby... 

You can add music to your baby's life all through the day, whether you're playing together, changing a diaper, or snuggling up with a sweet lullaby. We'll show you ways to interact and play with your baby, and we'll help you understand and recognize your baby's musical development. You'll actually see your baby's musical abilities unfolding week after week! Songs and activities are especially tailored to help you bond musically with your not-yet-mobile child.

Baby behaviors you might see in class 

Babies often match the sounds they make to the music we’re singing. Even very young infants can notice and respond to unusual tonalities, and often express preferences for favorite songs!

We often see babies wave their hands, kick their feet, or suck a pacifier in rhythm in response to the music. They may alternately shake a shaker egg and explore it orally.  (We wash and sanitize all mouthed items!) A child may watch or touch her parent’s face while Mom or Dad is singing. The silliness of some songs often makes babies giggle—which is always fun for everyone!  

Class information 

  • Regular semester classes meet weekly for a 10-week session. Each class is 45 minutes long.
  • This class is designed for babies from birth to 8 months at the time of registration. Expectant parents are welcome too! Due to the specialized nature of this class, older siblings are not recommended for this class; check our class schedule for mixed-age classes that welcome siblings.
  • Tuition includes Music Together recordings, an illustrated songbook with ideas for playing at home, parent guides, access to an online family zone with additional fun, and of course priceless time together sharing music with your baby.  

We'll be posting our schedule for these Babies-only classes soon - while you're waiting, come to one of the demos!

You're always welcome in our mixed-age classes!

We love and cherish the babies in our mixed-age classes! Some parents prefer the extra information and support that comes in a babies-only class, and some parents enjoy seeing the range of behaviors and developmental levels in a mixed age class. Babies also enjoy watching the toddlers and older children in a mixed-age class. You can choose the class that best fits your schedule and learning style.

Whichever class you choose, expect a fun and interactive time with your baby!


No classes are currently scheduled.