Bigs and Littles - for fun together this summer

For the summer only, we've created a class where children who are ages 5-7 ("Bigs") can join younger siblings and friends ("Littles").

This class is designed for children up to age 7, for an wider mix of ages than our regular mixed age classes.  We'll combine elements of our regular mixed-age classes with elements from our Big Kids classes, for a laid-back learning experience that welcomes all ages.

Classes will include opportunities for older children to lead the group in movement games, conducting or tonal patterns (solfege) if they desire, while giving younger children a chance to play at their own level. Although older children will have leadership opportunities, they're never pressured if they'd rather not lead.

You're welcome to join this class if you have a child any age up to age 7. This class will be especially good for older and younger siblings! If your child is very young, please bear in mind that this group will have older children (and bigger bodies) than our other classes. We anticipate that this group may have a higher energy level than our regular mixed-age classes which typically limit enrollments to children 5 and younger. If you prefer a lower-energy class, a regular mixed-age class might be a better fit for your needs.

Adult participation is expected in this class, but not required if your child is older than age 5 and happily independent. If your child is younger than 5, we ask that you participate and enjoy this chance to share music fun with your child.


More information:

  • Classes meet weekly this summer for a 6 week session. Classes start Saturday July 1.

  • Each class is 45 minutes long. Classes meet Saturdays at 11:30 am at our Westport Rd location

  • Tuition is $105 for one enrolled child, and $60 for the first enrolled sibling. 3rd and additional siblings are free, along with infant siblings under 8 months.

  • Adult participation is required for children under 5 years, and preferred for children who are 5 or older.

  • Tuition includes CDs, downloads and songbook for family music making all through the week.


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