Let's Talk Swap!

Here are some possibilities for bartering in exchange for reduced tuition:

Help set up or clean up the classroom

Come in a few minutes before your class, and help set up. This may involve moving some tables or chairs, setting up instruments, making sure the space is child-safe, etc. Or stay a few minutes after class, and restore the space to its regular setup, wash instruments used in class, and put them away. Your teacher will be there to help.

 Special events

Spend part or most of a day in a Heartland Music Together booth at a local festival. You’ll supervise children’s play with instruments, and hand out brochures and other free materials to parents. You don’t have to do any hard selling, just share your experience about our classes, and enjoy being with children and their grownups. Dates are available throughout the year. This is a lot of fun! 

Deliver brochures

Drop in at pediatricians, children’s clothing stores, coffee shops, and any other places you can think of where parents of young children go, and ask to leave a few brochures at their front counter. No selling involved, and you can do this while you’re doing your own errands. We'll give you a list of possible kinds of locations, with brochures and brochure stands.

Post about us online

Help spread the word about our classes by posting information about upcoming demo classes and other events in online communities. Or post a few comments of your own about our classes. Contact playgroups and mother's groups to invite them to experience a free demonstration class. This is a great at-home barter possibility, especially if you’re good at internet searches or networking. 

 Your own talents…

We've had some great barters over the years! Here are just a few of the wonderful gifts people have given us in exchange for class tuition:

  • Create scrapbooks or posters about our classes 
  • Help plan special events, or contribute food toward special events
  • Document our classes with photography and video
  • Help create a Facebook page to build our online community

Let us know if you have skills that might be a great barter. Not sure? Ask us - your gifts may seem ordinary to you but wonderful to us! 


If you’d like to offer your service or product in exchange for class tuition – whether it’s on this list or not – send us an email.  Let’s see what we can work out together.

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