Heartland Music Together® Online:  Spring 2020

The first two videos preview for you what it's like for you and your family to experience online music-making with us when we're not in live, in-person classes. The third is a message from our Director Katie O'Dea about participating in online classes, and also includes a few songs.

We've done all we can to bring you the fun, the learning, and the value this spring that you've expected from us since 2004. Please see the details about what your tuition brings you on this page, which also includes a link to our FAQ. We're all discovering new things as we do our part to contain Covid-19. Registration for this spring session is open; you'll have access to all 8 teachers' videos, cumulatively week to week. Stay well, and come "see" us! We hope to see you back in live, in-person classes this Fall! Feel free to email us your questions.

Heartland Music Together on video: In-person, live classes

We expect that by the Fall, we'll be back to our regular music-making - live, in-person, and really together!

Additional videos we like:

Parents describe how Music Together classes have become a part of their own family life.



What does music do for your child's brain? This wonderful video gives you some ideas. The Music Together center in this video is Goshen College Music Center

Ride along as Music Together families from across the globe participate in one of Music Together's most loved songs, "Ridin' in the Car". This video features a family from our own Heartland Community! See if you spot someone you know.





Our "Hello Song" is loved in class and at home, all around the world!  This video compilation shows families from all over the world singing their favorite song, each in their own way.