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Prospect Power & Grace - last Win 2018

Prospect, KY 40059

INT 2016-W2018

We were hoping to return to this location after their renovations, but we've decided that there's just not enough room now for our families to thoroughly enjoy our songs and movements. We will continue to search for an appropriate fall location for central Prospect; we will have weekday and weekend classes at Prospect/Goshen if we don't find an appropriate site.

The good news is that our Prospect/Goshen location is just 3 miles north! We've shifted our Monday and Thursday classes to this location. You can find Saturday classes at that location as well.  

Many families who like our Prospect location also like our Westport Rd location. We offer classes at Westport Rd on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.

We'll post updated information as soon as we have it. Thanks for your flexibility.