Class descriptions

Here are brief descriptions of our current class offerings. For more information about each class, click the links below. Or come visit a class, and see for yourself!

Mixed-age (0-5)


In a mixed-age class, children from infancy through age 5 gather together with their parents and caregivers to enjoy the musical fun. Mixed-age classes create a family-like setting, where children can learn from each other as well as from adults. Mixed-age classes allow children to progress at their own rate, and let siblings share the class experience.


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Babies only (0-8 months)

This is a class for babies ages 0-8 months at registration, accompanied by their parent or caregiver. We'll show you ways to interact and play with your baby using music, and help you understand and recognize your baby's musical development. Songs and activities are especially chosen to help you play with your not-yet mobile child.

Note: babies are welcome and cherished in our mixed age classes as well! Some parents love the extra education and support in a babies class, and some parents prefer to see how a range of children play with the music in a mixed age class. Babies also enjoy watching the toddlers and older children in a mixed-age class.

Whichever class you choose, expect a fun and interactive time with your baby!

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Mixed age/Supportive family class

Offered at UofL Pediatrics - Kosair, supportive family classes are an especially good fit children with special needs, as well as their typically-developing siblings or family members. These classes will follow the same curriculum as our regular mixed-age classes, but a slightly smaller class size and relaxed pacing make them ideal for children with special needs. We'll also offer support and information that will be specifically helpful to parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities. As in all our classes, supportive family classes welcome children with a range of ages, temperaments, and ability levels. 

Although supportive family classes are a particularly good fit for children with special needs, we welcome children with special needs in all of our classes. 

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Demo class

See what Music Together® classes are like by visiting a class with your own child. There's no fee or obligation, but we ask that you sign up in advance to help us manage class sizes. You're invited to join the activities and participate at a level that's comfortable for you.  Don't worry about knowing the music - we'll include some songs you're likely to know, as well as songs that are easy to sing and play with. We never put parents or children on the spot to sing! We do ask you to minimize adult conversation during the class, to help preserve the musical "mood".

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Gift certificate

Music classes make a unique and lasting gift, for holidays, birthdays, or for new parents to share with their baby. We can personalize a gift certificate with your message, and for any amount you choose. Please use the comments field to add your gift message, or to add special instructions for delivering this certificate. Contact us any time if you have a special request - we love to help you share the gift of music!

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If you have any questions, call us at (502) 491-3131, or send us an email.

Rhythm Kids (ages 4-5)

Rhythm Kids™ by Music Together is the next musical step for your 4–5 year-old with a parent or caregiver. Each week we drum, sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Rhythm Kids 4-5 introduces children to music and movement activities where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative

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Our Middletown classes are on hold, due to construction at our host church. We hope to return to our regular Middletown class schedule very soon! 

In the meantime, our Westport Rd location is our closest location to Middletown, and we've shifted our Monday and Friday morning classes to this location. You can find Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday classes at our Westport Rd location as well.  

We'll post updated information as soon as we have it. Thanks for your flexibility as we all navigate this construction!

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Our Prospect classes are on hold for the spring session, due to construction at our host location. We hope to return to our regular Prospect class schedule (Monday evening and Thursday morning classes) by summer 2018. 

In the meantime, our Goshen location is our closest location to Prospect, and we've shifted our Monday and Thursday classes to this location. You can find Saturday classes at our Goshen location as well.  

Many families who like our Prospect location also like our Westport Rd location. We offer classes at Westport Rd on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.

We'll post updated information as soon as we have it. Thanks for your flexibility as we all navigate this construction!