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Mon - Sun, TBA
06/25/18 - 08/05/18 (6 weeks)

Music classes make a unique and lasting gift, for holidays, birthdays, or for new parents to share with their baby. We can personalize a gift certificate with your message, and for any amount you choose. Please use the comments field to add your gift message, or to add special instructions for delivering this certificate. Contact us any time if you have a special request - we love to help you share the gift of music!

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If you have any questions, call us at (502) 491-3131, or send us an email.

Upcoming Meetings
07/23/18    TBA Monday 07/23/18 TBA
07/24/18    TBA Tuesday 07/24/18 TBA
07/25/18    TBA Wednesday 07/25/18 TBA
07/26/18    TBA Thursday 07/26/18 TBA
07/27/18    TBA Friday 07/27/18 TBA
07/28/18    TBA Saturday 07/28/18 TBA
07/29/18    TBA Sunday 07/29/18 TBA
07/30/18    TBA Monday 07/30/18 TBA
07/31/18    TBA Tuesday 07/31/18 TBA
08/01/18    TBA Wednesday 08/01/18 TBA
08/02/18    TBA Thursday 08/02/18 TBA
08/03/18    TBA Friday 08/03/18 TBA
08/04/18    TBA Saturday 08/04/18 TBA
08/05/18    TBA Sunday 08/05/18 TBA