Just because we love you!

A Valentine's Day gift, just because we love you! We love sharing musical fun with you and your child in class. And if you haven't found our classes yet, we can't wait to meet you and fall in love all over again!

Take $15 off your spring enrollment

If you're registering online, use coupon code LOVE when prompted for a coupon. If you're registering with a paper registration form, just print LOVE on your enrollment form.

Currently enrolled families can re-enroll starting February 19. Registration for new and returning families begins March 5.

A bit of fine print

This coupon code is good for $15 off your total family fee, usable for the spring semester only. This coupon can be combined with a referral discount if you're referring other friends or if you've been referred. Aside from the referral discount, it can't be combined with additional coupons. (What's a referral discount? Click here for info.)

Save this coupon code! Pre-registration for currently enrolled families begins February 19, and open enrollment for all families begins March 5. Coupon expires March 25, 2018. Spring classes start March 26.

Thanks for being part of our musical world! Our world is brighter because you're in it.