Thelma Platoff Klein Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Thelma Platoff Klein, 1927-2012


Thelma loved to sing, and her musical enthusiasm was contagious. She raised a family of music lovers through several generations, and in her later years, she loved visiting our classes to watch, play and sing along with our enrolled families. These visits were a constant source of joy for her - and for us as well. 

Thelma was a wonderful example of the power of musical modeling.  We will miss her, but will honor her memory with a scholarship in her honor.

Who is eligible: 

This scholarship is intended for a grandparent who enrolls their grandchild in a Music Together® class with the intention of participating along with their grandchild. One scholarship will be awarded for every 10-week session (six weeks in summer).

We'll give first priority to new families in awarding this scholarship. If this scholarship is not requested by the start of the term, we'll award it to a returning family who requests this scholarship. 

What the scholarship offers:

The recipient may attend a session of Music Together classes free of charge for a complete 10-week session (six weeks in summer). The scholarship includes all fees and all family materials for a complete tuition-free experience for one child. Although this is intended to help grandparents share a music experience with their grandchildren, parents or additional caregivers are invited to share the fun too, for a complete family experience.

This scholarship may be used for any of our class locations.

How to apply:

To apply send an email to info(at), with the subject line "Thelma Platoff Klein Scholarship", or click here to send an email directly. Please tell us your child's age and your background with your grandchild.

This is a first-come, first-serve opportunity for families who fit the criteria outlined above. Only one scholarship will be awarded per semester.