Final plans are still pending as we watch the health situation and wait to hear from our locations, but we want you to know what we're thinking for your fall semester. Live, in-person classes compliant with covid-19 safety protocols or you can choose to Zoom our fun classes at home. We'll publish our new classroom Policies when plans are final. 

Start date and Registration date are still pending, so stay tuned and watch this space and your email! Questions are welcome; just email. We're always happy to hear from you!


Payment info

Fees for our online programs are per enrolled family for a complete semester of classes; for in-person classes, tuition is per child with discounts as each additional child is added to registration. 

We do not save credit card information. If you prefer, you can call us with your credit card information: 502-491-3131. 

Gift certificates 

•  Want to give music classes as a gift? We can help! Click here to purchase a gift certificate.
•  Are you redeeming a gift certificate? Click here for instructions on registering with a gift certificate.


Send us an email or call (502) 491-3131. Like you, we're planning and hoping for live in-person classes this fall! Stay tuned.