Class fees

Class fees

Fees are per enrolled child for a complete semester of classes. There's no additional charge for additional adults accompanying an enrolled child. Baby siblings under 8 months at registration, and third or additional siblings are always free with an enrolled child. Please register all siblings who will come to class, regardless if a fee is charged or not. 

We love our host churches, and we offer a substantial discount for members of many of our host churches. Please contact us if you have a question about whether you qualify for this discount.  

Prorated fees

Fees are prorated for families joining after the first two weeks. These prorated fees include all family materials, and with make-up options, you can still experience 10 complete classes. But don't delay - winter registration ends January 28! Fees will be automatically prorated when you register.

Mixed-age classes    10 weeks Prorated fee
One child - all locations    $168 $133
Sibling (two options, below)      
• 8 months or older at registration   $112 $87
• Under 8 months at registration   Free Free
Third or more siblings   Free Free
Babies-only class (ages 0-8 months)      
One child (age 0-8 months at registration)   $140 (closed)
Sibling (under 8 months)   Free  
Rhythm Kids 1   $140 $125
Member of one of our participating host churches John Knox Presbyterian, MUMC, St Andrews Episcopal, RVCC   $50 $50


Tuition includes:

  • A complete semester of classes: 3, 6, or 10 weeks depending on the class and time of year. Fees reflect different session lengths.
  • Downloads and CDs with all the songs we'll sing each semester - a different collection of songs for each semester!
  • An illustrated songbook with family activities to enjoy at home.
  • Exclusive access to an online Family Music Zone, with digital downloads for your media player, and additional fun tied to the current collection.
  • A DVD parent guide and booklet for newly enrolled families.
  • Musical fun with your child, for a lifetime of memories.


    “I feel like I know so much more about my child in general because I’ve learned about how she responds to music. It provides one more avenue for knowing and relating to my child, therefore deepening our relationship.” - parent



Music is for everybody! Please don’t let finances keep you or someone you love from joining a class.  We offer payment plans, barter programs, and other payment options 

Share the fun! Save some money! Refer a friend who enrolls for the first time, and you each get $15 off your tuition for one semester. Click here for more information about our friendship discount. 

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