Supportive family classes


Offered at Kosair Charities in conjunction with UofL Pediatrics, supportive family classes are for children with health challenges and developmental disabilities, as well as their traditionally developing siblings and friends. These classes will follow the same curriculum as our regular mixed-age classes, but their smaller class size and relaxed pacing make them ideal for children with special needs.
Supportive family classes offer support and information that will be specifically helpful to parents and caregivers of children with special needs. They're also a great support for siblings! As in all our classes, supportive family classes welcome children with a range of ages, temperaments, and ability levels. 
Classes will be taught by Stephanie Sullivan-Whitten, a board-certified music therapist, who is also trained and registered as a Music Together® teacher. Stephanie deeply understands the need of non-traditionally-developing children, and she has a passion for using music to help all children discover their potential.

Please note: Although children with special needs might especially enjoy this class offering, we welcome children with special needs in all of our classes. Music Together classes are an excellent learning environment for children with all levels of ability! 

More information

  • Classes offered Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm at Kosair Charities
  • Spring classes start March 27, for a a 10-week session. Each class is 45 minutes. 
  • Enrollment for this class is limited to 4-8 enrolled children. This class is targeted toward children ages 0-5. If you have an older child, please contact us to discuss whether the class might be a good fit. 
  • A scholarship is available for a child with Down Syndrome to attend classes in any of our class locations. Click here for more information about the Rebecca Susan Reed Memorial Scholarship.